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About the restaurant

Cuisine: French

Âme restaurant offers a sophisticated cozy atmosphere. Expect French hedonism with a touch of Nordic minimalism.Named after the French word for 'soul', "Âme" captures our essence beautifully. Cuisine with no boundaries, we deliver pure yet rich flavors, distilled to their simplest form. The menu at Âme is belle époque all the way.

Head chef

Tõnis Saar & Stella Kurik

Tõnis Saar is a renowned nomad-chef in the Estonian gastronomic scene, whose culinary journeys have taken him from the esteemed two-star restaurant Fäviken in Sweden back to Estonia, where he is dedicated to developing local gastronomy. Tõnis Saar Gastronomy offers exceptional taste experiences in forests, industrial factories and by the sea - places where food enthusiasts are invited to explore. Now, in Tallinn's historic Old Town, there is an opportunity to immerse oneself in Tõnis's magical world created through the restaurant Âme, where one can indulge in his creative menu. Heading the kitchen at Âme restaurant is head chef Stella Kurik, whose diverse experience spans across well-known Estonian restaurants as well as the Netherlands. Stella has honed her culinary skills in renowned Michelin-starred establishments. Sustainability holds a significant place, with a focus on promoting and teaching sustainability to future chefs. Tõnis Saar has received recognition from both Whiteguide and Silverspoon, being nominated in the Chef of the Year category. Whiteguide selected Tõnis Saar Gastronomy as the Estonian Hospitality Landscape Developer of 2022, acknowledging his dedication and contributions to the world of gastronomy.

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