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About the restaurant

Cuisine: Steakhouse / Argentinian

Argentiina, this means love and passion for grilled meat – un amor y pasión por el asado. ¡Olé! This is the world that Argentiina Restaurant offers to you, bringing the flavors from the other side of the world to your table, as far as from the Tropic of Capricorn. Naturally, it all starts with high quality ingredients, which arrive at the restaurant from the world’s best farms in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, and Australia. One by one, giant mouthwatering steaks, famous all over town, are being prepared on a sizzling open fire grill right in front of your eyes. The most impressive grilled meats among our customers are 400-gram beef tenderloins, enormous tomahawk steaks, beef ribs, Angus beef, entrecote steaks, Iberico pork racks, New Zealand lamb chops, T-bone and much more. Or course, our menu also considers the needs of seafood lovers, and all others, who were born under the Gourmet constellation. A global wine selection is available to those with a more refined sense of taste. Welcome to restaurant Argentiina!

Head chef

Hanno Kuul

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