About the restaurant

Cuisine: European

The restaurant Farm located in the Tallinn Old Town and offering modern Estonian cuisine values organic produce. The long traditions of the Estonian cuisine combined with gastronomic trends are reflected in the menu. We serve oven-fresh rye bread with hemp seeds, handmade ice cream, veal cooked in the correct way, and vegetables from the Estonian fields. Our assortment includes Nordic wines, hand made house lemonades, and no beer lover has been left out either. There is a unique kitchen with glass walls at the heart of the restaurant where one can view the preparation of the dishes. The interior includes signs from the ancient Estonian wealthy farm atmosphere, which creates a cozy environment for an enjoyable gastronomic experience.

Head chef


The food offered by our chef Nikita Tištšišin is modern Estonian cuisine. Our chef values only pure ingredients, and in his menu is reflected the long traditions of Estonian cuisine together with special gastronomic trends. The combination of the right flavors offers a delicious taste experience and not just an ordinary meal. This combination has become our chef Nikita's password. The best selection of wines and cozy interior, which originates from the atmosphere of a prosperous ancient Estonian farming time, create a worthy environment for enjoying food. This special combination of flavors will remind you of the mealtime as a pleasure-filled event.

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