Lendav Maaler

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Georgian

Lendav Maaler is a Georgian restaurant and cultural space offering modernized traditional cuisine, an exceptional selection of Georgian wines and cocktails, music events, photo exhibitions and evenings dedicated to Georgian art. The name and concept of the restaurant are inspired by the painting "The Flying Painter" by the famous Georgian artist and one of the founders of Georgian modernism - Petre Otskheli. Lendav Maaler offers a completely unique interpretation of traditional Georgian cuisine: chefs strive to modernize classic flavors while staying true to their roots. An exclusive selection of high quality Georgian wines is the undoubted highlight of the restaurant. Here you can find carefully selected Qvevri wines produced by small family owned wineries. The restaurant is located in the center of Tallinn, and is a great place to spend time with family or friends. On warm summer evenings, a cozy, hidden from the streets, green terrace is available.

Head chef

Tamar Jabua

Chef Tamar Jabua is originally from Georgia, Tbilisi. By education she’s a pastry chef and before moving to Estonia, she worked in top modern Georgian and European restaurants in Tbilisi.

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