Mix Resto

About the restaurant

Cuisine: European

Mix Resto is a mixture of different knowledge and skills that the team has acquired over the years in the restaurant business. At the Mix Resto, guests will experience the best of the team’s experience. Be it world cuisine or domestic dishes. Food and raw materials are respected and we work closely with local professional farmers and hunters and fishermen. The same ideology works with our choice of drinks. The cooperation partners have been selected from previous positive personal experiences and acquaintances. Over the years, mutual respect and good relations have been maintained. The understanding of service has developed from the principle: what we would like to experience in the best service, we also want to offer to our guests. A team is important to us. Everyone is united by a passion to offer guests positive experiences, so that even a simple lunch can turn into an extraordinary experience. All team members have an equal say in the design of the restaurant.

Head chef

Maxim Ryndin

Owner and chef of Mix Resto

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