About the restaurant

Cuisine: Modern Slavic

MOON - Modern Slavic cuisine with great passion Now already thirteen years ago head chefs Roman and Igor decided to quit their careers pursuing high end gastronomy goals and to go back to their culinary roots. Thus Restaurant Moon was born. One of our good friends said after his first visit to Moon – “You have to look back in order to move forward!” In the kitchen You’ll find renowned head chefs Roman Zaštšerinski, Igor Andrejev and Sergei Golovko. Jana Zaštšerinski the head of the restaurant creates a homely atmosphere. Roman, Igor and Sergei work hard in order to give us an opportunity to enjoy pure, fresh and better everyday food. We hope that eating at Moon is like coming to our home. Each chef dreams of his own restaurant, Moon is our dream come true. At Moon everything is  the way we like it – the food, the interior, the atmosphere.

Head chef

Roman Zaštšerinski, Igor Andrejev and Sergei Golovko

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