Oasis Restaurant

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Fusion / European / Vegan

Our green and lively oasis in the midst of the city makes you shift into vacation mode while enjoying delicious and healthy high-quality vegan food prepared with lots of love. We also like to offer quality music experiences with live musicians and DJ-s, also educational talk-shows or morning practices. Next to the restaurant, there is a vegan shop where you can find a nice choice of in-house produced vegan or as well gluten and sugar-free products (for example, cakes, pesto, hummus, breads, brie and bleu cheeses, etc.) as well as other local or international products.

Head chef

Toomas Laigu

The main desire of the head chef and captain of Oasis is to offer high-quality, exciting vegan taste experiences by bringing together the flavors of different countries and cuisines. During his 8 years of experience as a vegan food chef, he has traveled around the world to different places on four continents and tried the best vegan food from Japan to Costa Rica and also in most European capitals. Different flavors of the world have been brought together to Estonia in a wonderful Oasis Restaurant, where you can enjoy top-level food experiences in a pleasant atmosphere. Toomas has also been offering vegan food training for several years to inspire others with veganism. His special interests are traveling and catering at festivals - for example, you can find him every year at the I Land Sound festival in Illiku, cooking yummy food behind the wok pan in front of his catering tent.

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