About the restaurant

Cuisine: Fusion

  Restaurant Pegasus, which has been operating since 1962, is definitely one of the most beautiful and cozy eateries on Harju Street. The Writers' House The building in which the restaurant is located was designed by architects August and Heili Volberg for the Estonian Writers' Union. Café Pegasus has been an important center of literary and art life since the opening of the house. As a natural extension of the historic café, the building houses the Pegasus restaurant.  Everyone who appreciates a very good value for money and expects sincere, warm and friendly service is welcome.  The versatile layout of the restaurant over three floors is interesting and suitable for different sized parties.  The main ingredients of Pegasus's Nordic menu are local, high-quality raw materials, emphasizing simple and pure flavors, while also appealing to people with a finer taste. At this point in time, Pegasus's chef is Karl Pärisma. The only way to know more is to experience it with your mind.

Head chef

Karl-Silver Pärisma

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