Restaurant Nero

About the restaurant

Cuisine: European

The menu is inspired by the more exciting tastes of our own team’s holiday trips, which we now want to share with our guests. Maybe you’ve also tried pizza-like flammkuchen from Alsace, Lebanese bread salad with pomegranate seeds crunching between your teeth, or kaisershmarrn, a fluffy pancake from Austria with rum raisins? If not, we, the Nero team, will introduce you to the best selection of the world’s most beloved bites in an enjoyable way. The mornings start playfully in Nero. Before splashing into the swimming pool, children can bake their waffles and choose their favourite ice cream. Sundays are for rest, and then we are waiting for guests for a family brunch with a fun event manager. Then the restaurant is filled with laughter and balloons, and children can enjoy themselves in the play corner while parents share their food experiences.

Head chef

Ando Lill

When we stop for a moment and think about our first food experience, most of us are probably mesmerized by something from our childhood. Perhaps you can recall a memory of the steaming soup on a stove or the sweet smell of cake that filled the house. And, of course, you immediately think about the person who prepared it with love. For Ando, this person is his mother. As a boy, he used to observe her cooking fried potatoes, eggs and chicken rice soup. By the end of high school, Ando started studying the profession of chef-confectioner. The following summer, the young chef made his professional debut on the ferry Georg Ots and then sailed ahead on board Meloodia and Romantika. The first step on the ground took him to the Viru hotel, where he stayed for almost two decades. In the meantime, he also managed to run his café in Laulasmaa. By today ando has arrived at the best hotel and best restaurant - Tallink Spa&Conference hotel, restaurant Nero.

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