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Cuisine: French

Rudolf Tobias 29th of May 1873 Käina, Hiiu County – 29th of October 1918 Berlin Rudolf Tobias, born in May 1873 in Hiiu County, was the first Estonian professional composer. He was driven by his life-affirming frame of mind and his passion for greatness. As he was optimistic and willful, many of his grand ideas met their natural end halfway through when he was captured by something new and better. Even so, the main tune of his life was his belief in a better future. Rudolf restaurant has one of the oldest cookbooks in Estonia. It has many great recipes from classical French cuisine and was quite popular during Tobias' lifetime in Estonia. We have gathered a lot of inspiration from Rudolf Tobias' travels around Europe and would like to bring you the best of modern French & European cuisine.

Head chef

Sten Märtin

Our chef de cuisine Sten Märtin considers French cuisine to be the base of all modern cooking. It’s crucial to have clean, crisp, and distinctive flavors where all the dishes come together as art on the plate. He gathers inspiration from the best ingredients around Europe and has trained in the Michelin star restaurant. „Fall in love with the process & the results will come “– is a saying that he likes to use and guides himself through.

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