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About the restaurant

Cuisine: European

Vana Toomas opened in a fresh and updated form at the beginning of this year, and together with the new head chef Karl Ever, the restaurant will have a new look from autumn 2023. Vana Toomas is a restaurant with a beautiful view in the old town of Tallinn, where history and a cozy atmosphere meet. In addition to updating the interior, the restaurant has also moved in a modern direction with the food, while respecting Estonian traditions and classics. Both local restaurant visitors and tourists who want to get to know the flavors of Estonia will surely find a suitable dish in the new menu selection. Thinking of cooler weather, the menu has included, for example, shrimps with saffron, the hot broth of which makes the inside hot and makes the cheeks flush pleasantly.

Head chef

Karl Ever

Karl Ever joined the Vana Toomas team in May 2023. He has a long and diverse experience in cooking. Karl has worked as a chef in Estonia, Sweden and Spain. In total, he has more than 12 years of experience in cooking. In Tallinn, he has worked in several restaurants in the old town and has also worked in catering. Karl has gained a lot of experience under, for example, Dmitri Rooz and Herkki Ruubel. While working in Spain, he also managed to cater to the Prince of Dubai, which is a very exciting experience. The way he prepares food is certainly peculiar to him. Also the raw materials and flavors. Karl never takes the path of easy resistance, but wants to offer the best. He likes to put together flavors that people haven't tried before. In the new menu, each dish has its own face. Sauces, creams and purees - everything that is served on the plate has been put there with thought and there is nothing random about it.

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