Emmeline & Otto

The restaurant was named after Baron von Theophil von Stackelberg´s children. The von Stackelberg´s chef made a fantastic juicy cinnamon flavoured apple pudding which was the family’s favourite. One afternoon, the chef was cooking this family favourite when Emmeline and Otto ran in to the kitchen which had actually been forbidden to the kids. The children observed and the chef even allowed Emmeline to add some spices to the dish. The pinch of cinnamon that she added inflamed Emmeline´s passion for cooking and Otto supported her. During the restaurant renovation, we found cinnamon in the rooms and it was exactly the hint we needed to name the restaurant after Emmeline, who adored good food and enjoyed it with friends, and Otto, who always supported his sister and loved to invite good friends over for a drink in the afternoon. You are sure to find such hospitality and a real passion for cooking in “Emmeline & Otto“. That pinch of cinnamon is still somewhere in the air of the restaurant to arouse your sense of taste and to help you enjoy good food.