Roman Zaštšerinski and Igor Andrejev Võrgu 3, Tallinn 10415

MOON - MODERN RUSSIAN FOOD WITH GREAT PASSION - You have to look back in order to move forward. We try to be as normal and down to earth as possible, sometimes it seems that it might be a bigger challenge than making gourmet food, as all three of us have city backgrounds and simple products demand much more attention to be able to shine. Simple, honest, sincere, respectful, local, sustainable, Nordic – these are our food mantras we want to convey to you on the plates at the hidden corner of wooden Kalamaja suburb. Roman Zastserinski ja Igor Andrejev occupy the kitchen, Jana Zastserinski warmly welcomes guests, creates a homelike atmosphere and is in charge of the winelist. Roman and Igor work hard in order to give us an opportunity to enjoy pure, fresh and better everyday food. We hope that eating at Moon is like coming to our home. Welcome to our home! Yours, Roman, Jana and Igor