Ö originates from Swedish and means an island. Ö is also a very important letter in the Estonian alphabet. On the island, where we’re from, people talk a little different than the rest of Estonia and the letter Ö is used a lot more. Ö is just such a beautiful letter that it must be heard! The island we speak of, is of course Saaremaa, Estonia’s biggest island. So big, in fact, that they call it a land, as the literal translation of Saaremaa is Island land. The stars in our sky are the same as everywhere else, but they shine a little brighter above Saaremaa. These stars once lit the way for our Viking ancestors on their expeditions. On our expeditions for new flavours, we have found the most fascinating and delicious ingredients. We get our inspiration from the Nordic nature. Unpredictable seasons. The cold and grey Baltic Sea. Dark forests and their magical gifts. Farmers and small businesses. Hunters and fishermen. Clean air and black soil. Forgotten preservation and preparation methods. We always add a bit of island humour to our dishes. We have the coolest team on the planet! We believe in what we do and we love it! All this bound together under the light of the brightest stars is Ö.