Riviera Palais Brasserie

Andres Allas http:// Pirita Tee 56

Do you know where the most beautiful view of Tallinn Bay is and where it is possible to enjoy it with a glass of champagne and the best flavors directly on the open-air terrace? Where was the most popular and luxurious restaurant-nightclub in the Riviera Palais during the First Republic? Now is the time to travel back in time and bring the flavors and scent of the Golden Age to you in a slightly more modern way. Riviera Palais revives this unique restaurant, with a unique classic French brasserie orientation and a million-dollar view directly on Tallinn Bay. The best team has been brought up, which has grown up from the heat and dizzying cuisine of Saltrestoran and is more than ready to create something extraordinary for you on other scales.