Riviera Palais Brasserie

Vladimir Proskurnin http:// Pirita Tee 56

From the foot of the hill, the Riviera Palais Brasserie, which has become a cult restaurant already in the 1930s, overlooks the Gulf of Tallinn. Elegant, spacious and bright. The three dining rooms just require a panoramic view over the sea. In the main hall you will find a modern bar with a view of the wonderful garden terrace. Our team of rotisseurs in the kitchen have gathered the flavors of French grandmothers' home cooking to bring them to you in a Riviera modern atmosphere. 2020 was a great year for us to learn and open our eyes. In 2021, we are now ready to bring you perfect flavors with elegant French service. Since the new season, the Riviera Palais Brasserie has been run by Vladimir Proskurnin, who has grown up from Salt high-flying kitchen. Together with his kitchen team, we want to bring warmth and closeness to your heart, so you would love to experience it over and over again. Our food is food designed to make people happy and bring a smile to their face.