7 Ürti

About the restaurant

Cuisine: European

7Ürti is located in Kadriorg, a pleasant walk from the park. A lovely old-fashioned charming house, where when you enter, the first thing that greets you is the smell of warm bread taken out of the oven. Every morning, the restaurant bakes its own bread and prepares berry juice. Of course, the use of herbs is important (as the name of the restaurant says). High-quality raw materials become valuable food, which in turn ensures a unique pleasure. Cooking is a huge playground, and the deeper you delve into it, the more confident you will be about how much more to discover. The restaurant has an open kitchen, where you can watch the well-coordinated work of the chefs while waiting for your meal.

Head chef

Janek Villermann

7Ürti have been created based on the vision and experience of chef Janek Villermann. Janek, who has traveled for decades, also drew inspiration from distant cultures and customs. He shares the carefully collected ideas and experiences with restaurant visitors, showing his passion for food.

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