Green choices

Great tastes for better climate

Eco-friendly choices in restaurants include the use of sustainable raw materials and ecologically responsible cooking. All restaurants are invited to offer greener choices to Tallinn Restaurant Week guests, in order to pay more attention to the importance of environmentally friendly decisions in food culture.

In cooperation with the city of Tallinn a framework has been created whereby restaurants can choose a dish offered during TRW that meets at least one of the criteria and label it with the corresponding green label.

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The dish consists only of plant based ingredients, and does not contain any ingredients of animal origin.


The ingredients of the dish (both vegetable and meat) come from organic farming — organic meat products or free-range eggs.


The meat in the dish comes from local grass-fed cattle, sheep or wild animals hunted in Estonia.

Local fish

The fish included in the dish — herring, sprat or pike caught from the Baltic Sea or from Estonian inland waters (except eel).

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