Art Priori

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Art Priori is not only a restaurant, but also an art gallery. What sets this place apart is well- calibrated cuisine, a symbiosis of French, Mediterranean and influences, defined by a chef who approaches seasonal ingredients much like an artist would consider the paint on a palette.

Head chef

Dmitri Fjodorov

Dmitri Fjodorov started his culinary journey at a young age, learning both classical and more modern cooking skills. The studies were shaped into masterful skills through a lot of work and experience that he gained from different parts of the world. Dmitri, who made a name for himself in the Ribe and Cru restaurants, has now been able to wear the chef's hat in the Michelin-starred Moscow restaurant Savva, as well as in the domestic restaurants Tar-Tar, Love Mussels and Ruhe. In addition to his skills in the kitchen, Dmitri is also known for his commitment to food quality and pure taste. He is the winner of several culinary awards, including Chef of the Year 2014, and his restaurants have been praised by critics and guests alike. Also, his passion for cooking has taken him to the Bocuse d'Or World Chef Championship for six years, where accolades were not long in coming. Today, Dmitri and his team continue to expand culinary boundaries at Art Prior. He is always open to new challenges in order to offer a delicious and memorable food experience to all of Art Prior's guests.

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