Goodwin The Steak House

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Steakhouse

The GOODWIN Steak House is the only classic American steakhouse in the Baltics and Scandinavia. A team of professionals used steakhouse traditions and their own first-hand experience to create the first restaurant of its kind in Estonia. We have studied the concept for many years in the US and Australia, the countries of origin of steak production and cooking culture; the countries where steakhouses are national symbols – which is why we are proud to offer an authentic American Steakhouse with all the appropriate attributes. We opened our first restaurant in Tallinn in March 2009, eager to share our passion for steaks. Black-Angus beef is one of the most preferred meats in the world. Known for its consistent marbling that imparts great flavor, Black Angus beef, imported from ecologically pure regions of Australia and the United States, is an integral part of The Steak Houses GOODWIN. We prepare your steaks in a coal furnace from Spain called Josper.

Head chef

Evgeny Karnaukhov

Chef Jevgeny Karnaukhov, has been with the steakhouse since day one, has been in a responsible role for the last fourteen years. His motto is to offer high-quality classics. Yevgeny is characterized by persistence and love for his profession.

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