Ocean 11

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Mediterranean

Welcome to a seafood restaurant with a wonderful view! We are located in the cruise terminal of Tallinn Port - the sea on one side and the port on the other. We have floor-to-ceiling windows that create a spacious view and make the restaurant pleasantly bright. We welcome you with a warm heart and do everything in our power to make your day even one gram happier than before you came to us. At the Ocean 11 restaurant, you can enjoy a spacious sea view, sunsets, delicious dishes and hospitable service. Most of our delicacies come from the sea and ocean, but forest and farm products and meat dishes are also represented. Every food lover will find their favorite. Food must be an experience, drink must open the mind, atmosphere must create a mood. We are pleased to offer you memorable moments at Ocean 11.

Head chef

Mihkel Kalbus

Our chef Mihkel has shared and practiced his masterful skills in six Estonian restaurants and offered food experiences as a freelance chef to many gourmets with very high standards and expectations. His special favorite ingredients are Estonian venison, whitefish, fresh scallops, peanuts, fresh cheese, which he skilfully uses in his exciting dishes. Domestic and seasonal raw materials, traditional cooking methods combined with modern technologies are highly valued.

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