ODA Resto

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Georgian

ODA Resto is a Georgian Resto, which is located in Kalaranna Kvartal, Tallinn. We use traditional receipts while making the food, but serve it in a modern way. People used to associate Georgia only with Hachapuri, Hinkali and Shashlik. We break stereotypes and introduce Georgia in an unusual way, offering also fish and seafood. Considering our location on the seashore, we make the parallel with Adjarian Region on the coast of Black Sea where there is a big choice of seafood and fish. We also have a good choice of high quality Georgian wine. The design of Oda Resto is modern, but very cosy with a great seaview. In translation from Georgian language, ODA means Home. We serve our guests with great care in order they could feel themselves comfortable.

Head chef

Sergei Trunov

Our Chef is Sergei Trunov. Sergei studied Georgian cuisine very carefully and offers the opportunity to make it in more modern way. He makes the food with all his heart.

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