About the restaurant

Cuisine: European

OKO Resto is waiting for you to dine on the beautiful Haabneeme beach, which is not only beautiful in summer, but in every season. Our floor-to-ceiling windows give you a beautiful view from every table. If you come at the right time, you will enjoy excellent food and good company accompanied by an amazing sunset. Beautiful views are complemented by rich Italian flavors. When you hear the word OKO, the first thing that probably comes to your mind is pizza baked in a stone oven at 500 degrees. It also has a place on our updated menu. But our new menu is even more abundant than before. We have enriched traditional and soulful Italian flavors with OKO's modern twist. OKO belongs to the Siigur Restaurant Family, which also includes NOA, NOA Chef’s Hall, Tuljak,Paju Villa, Haapsalu Kuursaal, POKO and TOKO. You are welcome to enjoy - good food, enchanting views and, of course, great company! Chefs Tõnis Siigur and Sander Kaljuvee

Head chef

Sander Kaljuvee

Sander is very curious and passionate about trying new flavours. You have probably seen him in another Siigur restaurant kitchens, but for now his home kitchen lies in OKO. Sander has studied, lived and worked not only in Estonia, but also in Norway and Australia.

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