About the restaurant

Cuisine: Asian / Japanese

Welcome to Om House! Asian-inspired restaurant in the heart of Tallinn with private and open kitchen areas and a vibrant bar. Om House restaurant combines urban and healthy. We aim to provide a delicious, affordable, and beneficial diet menu for inhabitants of the metropolitan area, who are extremely conscious of getting food of the highest ingredient quality. Our Pan-Asian cuisine menu takes you to a gastronomic journey through tastes of the East and the understanding of the West. If you’re wondering what Pan-Asian means, you’ve come to the right place. Pan-Asian encompasses dishes from different nations and cultures throughout the entire continent of Asia. In our menu, you will find traditional Japanese sashimi or a modern twist on a vegetable dish from Vietnam, spicy Thai green curry, traditional Chinese cuisine - all offered in the same menu. If you are seeking adventure outside your usual tastes comfort zone, the Pan-Asian menu allows you to expand the cuisine horizons far beyond the usual and the expected.

Head chef

Jegors Porulevs

Chef Jegors Porulevs is known for his commitment to culinary excellence and innovation. Specialising in contemporary cooking, he combines traditional and modern cooking methods to create unique and unexpected flavour combinations. Jegors appreciates fresh, local produce and is passionate about developing new recipes to surprise and delight his restaurant guests.

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