About the restaurant

Cuisine: Asian / Japanese

Welcome to Om House! Asian-inspired restaurant in the heart of Tallinn with private and open kitchen areas and a vibrant bar. Om House restaurant combines urban and healthy. We aim to provide a delicious, affordable, and beneficial diet menu for inhabitants of the metropolitan area, who are extremely conscious of getting food of the highest ingredient quality. Our Pan-Asian cuisine menu takes you to a gastronomic journey through tastes of the East and the understanding of the West. If you’re wondering what Pan-Asian means, you’ve come to the right place. Pan-Asian encompasses dishes from different nations and cultures throughout the entire continent of Asia. In our menu, you will find traditional Japanese sashimi or a modern twist on a vegetable dish from Vietnam, spicy Thai green curry, traditional Chinese cuisine - all offered in the same menu. If you are seeking adventure outside your usual tastes comfort zone, the Pan-Asian menu allows you to expand the cuisine horizons far beyond the usual and the expected.

Head chef

Nikita Kosenkov

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