PÄRIS Pagar • Deli • Resto

About the restaurant

Cuisine: French

PÄRIS is a passionate symbiosis of a french bakery, deli and restaurant. PÄRIS is a tiny piece of Paris in the heart of Tallinn where French cuisine and charming interior, dainty flavours and warm pastry and cozy atmosphere and authentical, PÄRIS flavours meet! The most authentic flavours with their freshness, simplicity and newness make every moment a true pleasure. Bienvenue à PÄRIS!

Head chef

Aleksandr Voronin

“I love it how French cuisine uses it’s own special and unique techniques and turnes one simple ingredient into a real masterpiece! So in PÄRIS, food is art! I experiment with classical French recipes and give myself a challenge how to change those dishes into fresh, tasty and actual, here in Estonia.”

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