Parrot restaurant & bar

About the restaurant

Cuisine: Peruu / Nikkei

Parrot is an exotic treasure in Tallinn Old Town where the pleasures of world cuisine, powers of Amazonian rain forest secret cocktail nights of the last century meet. The restaurant offers an exotic atmosphere and food that takes You through Peruvian tastes, Japanese techniques and Latin-American vibes. High quality and fresh ingredients combined with creativity, simple traditions, will guide You through pleasurable taste journey. The Bar is hidden secret. If You know, You know. If You don’t know, ask us; we take You there….to the era of 20’s, to the world of cocktails, to totally different dimension!

Head chef

Adeele-Brigitta Kont-Kontson

Parrot’s kitchen is ruled by a young & talented Adeele. With passionate dedication she enjoys creating perfect taste combinations with visually beautiful aesthetics. Hard-working, kind & ready to conquer the world.

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